Betty Jane Ware

Betty Jane is a third-generation Seer and highly intuitive reader. She is a practicing Witch with over 35 years in the craft. An international psychic, Betty Jane has a number of well-known personalities as her clients.

With more than 35 years of experience, Betty Jane is a natural, very intuitive reader and very much to the point. You will immediately feel a connection with her, and you will be calling back for future appointments.

Book a Reading

Betty Jane offers two types of readings: live readings (in person, over the phone, or by video chat) and email readings.

Choose the option that fits you best for more information.


Readings take place in person, over the phone or by video chat, and will give you the insight and direction you are looking for.


These tarot readings happen by email and are great for getting the guidance you’re seeking.

Having a reading with Betty Jane is like sitting down with a friend!! Very relaxed.

— Lily

Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it. You really are a very special woman.

I will check in again with my doctor to see what needs to be done next so that I can start getting better.

— B

I really liked my reading this morning, thank you so much. I know I will want more readings.

— Mary

Such a lovely lady and best reading that I truly had. I definitely would like another reading in the future and would recommend Betty.

Thank you for understanding and giving me peace of mind.

— Clare

You predicted my move to Germany with no way of knowing that it was even a possibility!

You also told me I’d meet a man with a dog. I’ll definitely be looking out for him when I get there.

— Yvonne

Thanks for the reading you were right on the money. I really do need to start listening.

— Shannon

Card of the Month


The dreaded death card. I look forward to this card within a reading. I will admit that it is the first card I deal with when it comes up. I go to the most positive meaning of just that one card and make sure that they realize death is simply an end and that with an end comes a beginning.

What does this card mean? An end and a new beginning. The simple fact is that all life comes to an end. This card is not a great card to get in a reading, but there is no need to focus purely on the negative aspects of the card.

Death means an end, mortality, destruction and corruption. It can mean the failure of a marriage. Death is very much a card of transition; a new chapter is about to start. This is a time of change, and some may fear change, so this card can scare those who do.

There needs to be a clearing of bad habits for new opportunities to appear.

Death can be the end of a way of life, a job, or even a relationship, and yes, it can be death.

This card is often a blessing in disguise. You need to eliminate old and destructive energies so that new ones may enter your life.