May 31, 2017
Image of emerald rocks.

I have boundaries. I will not be used to spy on your family, friends and enemies.

I will not knowingly read for anyone under the age of eighteen.

I will not read if I have had a drink or if I suspect you have had one either.

I also can only do so much. I do not believe that anyone requires a reading more than once every 3-4 months. However I have come to realize that what I do has become more about the coaching of a situation.

But lets talk boundaries. If you want to know your friends, family, neighbours and enemies business ask them!! Spirit is going to give me a resounding NO. I am a psychic, a medium and a tarot reader. Not a gossip.

Under eighteen that just makes sense to me. Many youth are confused adding a psychic to the mix just makes things awkward. I don’t want to add more confusion to the mix. And as a mom that comes out as well. It really isn’t a fair reading to either of us.

Alcohol for me or you. For me it removes the filter. Not that I have much of one. But it stops me from choosing my words with care and I get a little to blunt…if you know what I mean. If my client is impaired, what is the point? The reading is going to be a bit impaired as well. Remember we work with energy. Impaired energy cannot be good.

My other rule is…If I have sat down to dinner with you I will not read you. Its a personal thing. We all need to be comfortable in social situations. You, me and your other guests, it just makes sense to me that you might not be comfortable with me in a social situation wondering if I was doing a subtle energy probe and knowing all your deepest darkest secrets.

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