October Newsletter

October 1, 2023
Image of emerald rocks.

I am multitasking — writing this newsletter and watching the Blue Jays game. Go Jays! Now, back to the newsletter.

We recently had guests from the UK stay with us. And we were able to experience Ontario through their eyes. Well, parts of it, anyway. Dan is quite a gifted artist and painted my back shed for us. It is beautiful. Thank you, Dan!

Image of Betty Jane Ware's back shed painted by Dan.

Now for the big reveal! I was asked earlier this year to take part in a

secret project. This year is the 20th anniversary of the UK Tarot Conference. Kim Arnold, the Tarotista who imagined and produced this most wonderful tarot conference, created a 20th-anniversary deck.

This tarot deck is a majors-only deck and features some of the amazing speakers that Kim has had over the years. I was honoured to be asked to be on The World card. I can’t wait to get this deck into my hot little hands!

Image of Betty Jane Ware on The World Tarot Card.

Soon, Hubby, I, and a friend are jetting off to London for a week to participate in the 20th anniversary festivities. I will get to see the cards and hold them then!

The conference is always on Thanksgiving weekend. Therefore, we celebrate this holiday in London at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. (Not the really expensive one). This has become our new and welcome tradition.

What’s new? Pricing

New at Show Pricing
I have raised my prices to keep up with inflation. New reading fees are as follows:
$75.00 for 15 minutes
$120.00 for 30 minutes – Show special!
$150.00 for 30 minutes – Couples
$160.00 for 45 minutes
$200.00 for 60 minutes

Pre-booking Pricing (2023)
Good news! If you pre-book (prepayment not required) you will receive the spring season prices for the rest of 2023. That is a big saving! Another excellent reason to pre-book! As you know, I always recommend pre-booking to avoid long wait times.

$60.00 for 15 minutes
$100.00 for 30 minutes – Show special!
$120.00 for 30 minutes – Couple
$150.00 for 45 minutes
$180.00 for 60 minutes

To pre-book, please get in touch with me via email.

On the road…Fall Shows

The show hours remain the same:
Friday 2-10 pm
Saturday 11 am -10 pm
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

October 13 – 15
Hamilton Psychic Fair
Hamilton Marriott

October 27 – 29
North Bay Psychic & Crystal Fair
Best Western North Bay Hotel & Conference Centre


Be safe, and have a Happy Hallowe’en.


Betty Jane

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