Power of words

January 14, 2022
Image of an Aster for Betty Jane Ware's September Newsletter.

Words are very powerful, and we have learned that they can help or hurt us when we use them. Even if simply by our tone of voice.

Do you remember in school where to learn something, you would be encouraged to put it into a rhyme? That still applies today.

One of my favourite books I choose words to manifest is Switchwords by Liz Dean. Available on her website or via Amazon.

I can’t tell you how my life changed when applying a few simple principles and changing words helped to manifest something.

I encourage everyone to write a simple affirmation. And then print it everywhere you can see it. Mine is on my mirror, the top of every page in my daytimer and on my computer screen.
If you are trying to manifest something, write it as if it already happened.

GO ahead and start today.

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