Readings with Betty Jane Ware

Betty Jane is a third generation Seer and highly intuitive reader. She is a practicing Witch with over 35 years in the craft. An international psychic, Betty Jane has a number of well-known personalities as her clients.

With more than 35 years of experience, Betty Jane is a natural, very intuitive reader and very much to the point. You will immediately feel a connection with her, and you will be calling back for future appointments.

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Betty Jane offers two types of readings: live readings (in person, over the phone, or by video chat) and email readings.

Choose the option that fits you best for more information.


These readings take place in person, over the phone or by video chat, and will give you the insight and direction you are looking for.


These readings happen by email and are great for getting the guidance you’re seeking.


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The Sun

The Sun is a source of light. When the Sun appears in a reading it indicates the happiness of one who feels at one with nature. The Sun signifies good health, happy times and love. There is romantic fulfillment, children and joy. The Sun is a vacation or trip to a hot sunny place. The Sun indicates reunions, triumph and prosperity. When the Sun appears it indicates improved health, pleasant surprises and joy and happiness. There is a beauty in life and a new way of looking at things. Life is united in joy and light. Optimism, energy and wonder abound. Material happiness and a fortunate marriage. This is a time of contentment; however, the Sun also brings harsh reality into focus. The Sun is conscious action and the centre of the universe. The Sun is always a source of heat, illumination and life on earth.