Today’s card is the Ace of Wands

Giggling to my elf just a wee bit here. I went to my office to grab a crochet hook as I want to start a project with some beautiful colourful wool I just bought. So with said crochet hook in my hand I went to pull today’s tarot card. Ace of Wands, who said tarot...

Today’s Card is 3 of Swords

Well according to the tarot today is not going to go my way. Heartbreak and loss, depression. Yikes!! Well I do have a medical appointment today…but with a holistic nutritionist. Maybe it means I am giving up chocolate…That would be a loss

Today’s Card is Judgment

Today I pulled the Tarot Card Judgement!! Not a bad card for January or a New Year…Clarity or Decision a wakeup call!! Yes we all need one. Finding our purpose in life can be difficult. Some of us are born knowing what that purpose is and some never find their...