April Newsletter

April 5, 2023
Image of Oracle of the Witch Tarot Deck.

Well, they say, “April showers bring May flowers.” I will be glad if April simply brings no more snow. As I am writing this, the snow is flying. We all know I really dislike snow!!

Last month was interesting. Not as busy with travel, but I did get to try two new places for shows. First, Creemore. It’s a pretty close drive and is a beautiful little town. Even though we had a bit of a “snow out” for one of the days, we had an amazing final day. Also, I found a lovely bakery and chocolate shop, so I plan to return when the weather gets nicer.

Then, Newmarket. I went to high school in Newmarket and have done shows there before, but the show was with a new promoter. It was good to see some familiar faces who came to see me. The venue was at the Newmarket Veterans Hall, where my wedding reception was in 1985! Don’t do the math. And I am still married to the same person!

I also got a summons for Jury Duty. I feel I have a lot of benefits that come with being a citizen, so I have no problem with the responsibilities of Jury Duty. However, it was April 4, and I have non-refundable flights booked for May 2. So off I sent an email asking for it to be deferred. That was declined. So I burned my blue candle, hoping to work a bit of legal magic and have it deferred. It worked. Yesterday I received an email telling me I no longer had to report. This was my third time being called. I have never actually served, though. There was a big sigh of relief up here in Innisfil!!

On the road…

I have an event in Midland at the Legion on April 15. It is a one-day event from 10am to 7pm.

I will have all sorts of tarot and oracle cards, and other wonderful merchandise available. I will also be doing a demonstration first thing in the morning.

Then my final show of the spring season is April 22-23 in Parry Sound. This show is so much fun for me. It is another show Sherry has organized. She also put on the Midland, and Creemore shows. As usual, with Sherry’s shows, there is a lecture. Mine usually says “psychic demonstration”, as I only know what I am going to do once I start talking.

Reading Prices at shows are as follows:
$60.00 for 15 minutes
$100.00 for 30 minutes

Again, pre-booking is highly suggested! Some shows are super busy. But advance booking always guarantees you a spot with little wait time. Please email me at orgglwnarjner@zr.pbz to reserve.

On the plane…

I am off to the UK from May 1 to June 15. So, I will only be offering virtual (Zoom) readings at this time. Anyone who books by phone or in person will be offered a choice between rescheduling, a Zoom reading or a refund.

At home…

Finally, Psychic Cafe is back in person again. Right now we are meeting at my house. We will meet in April for Psychic Art! Then, in June (weather permitting), we will be outside at the beach doing a Labyrinth workshop.

On the horizon…

In the summer, I do home groups. There are weekend spaces available in June and July. If this is something that you would be interested in, please let me know via email.

My fall schedule will be posted on the website later in the season.

Have an amazing month. Until next time.

Betty Jane

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