August Newsletter

August 1, 2023
Image of a quartz crystal.

Happy Civic Holiday!

It is hard to believe that it is August already. It has been a strange summer weather-wise. There was a lot of rain, and my phone received a “shelter now” warning last week. That was a new one for me! We are all safe and sound.

Summer is approaching its inevitable close, so we spend lots of time walking the beach and having barbecues. My dogs love to go to the dog beach and play. Duke likes to play with the other dogs’ toys. Luckily he gives them back as well.

I am getting all geared up for my August shows. My bins are packed, and I am looking forward to the new season. I have new goodies that will be on my table this year. Some will only be here while supplies last as they come from the UK.

What’s new? Pricing

New at Show Pricing
We all know the cost of living has gone up! I have tried to keep my prices the same; however, the cost of travelling to events has also increased — hotels and gas have doubled!

So I have raised my prices. New reading fees are as follows:
$75.00 for 15 minutes
$120.00 for 30 minutes – Show special!
$150.00 for 30 minutes – Couples
$160.00 for 45 minutes
$200.00 for 60 minutes

Pre-booking Pricing (2023)
However, if you pre-book with me. (I am not asking for prepayment) you will receive the spring season prices for the rest of 2023. That is a big saving! Another excellent reason to pre-book! As you know, I always recommend pre-booking to avoid long wait times.

$60.00 for 15 minutes
$100.00 for 30 minutes – Show special!
$120.00 for 30 minutes – Couple
$150.00 for 45 minutes
$180.00 for 60 minutes

To pre-book, please get in touch with me via email.

On the road…Fall Shows

The show hours remain the same:
Friday 2-10 pm
Saturday 11 am -10 pm
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm
Except for Ottawa. That show starts on Thursday at 2 pm – 10 pm.

Aug 3 – 6
Ottawa Nepean Sportsplex
Thursday at 2 pm – 10 pm
Friday 2-10 pm
Saturday 11 am -10 pm
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

Aug 11 – 13
Giovanni Caboto Club, Windsor
Friday 2-10 pm
Saturday 11 am -10 pm
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

Memories and … food!

Every place has a memory associated with it. My hubby and youngest used to race at a regatta at the Nepean Yacht Club and the Britannia Yacht Club. So many summer days have been spent in the area.

Windsor means pizza at the Caboto Club! It is a tradition to pick up a pizza to bring back to the hotel to enjoy on Friday night. I have said it before, but the pizza is amazing. It is something we all enjoy.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Enjoy the remainder of the Summer. Get out and enjoy a moment in the sun, walk, swim, meditate. Do something for you.


Betty Jane

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