January 13, 2022
Image of Oracle of the Witch Tarot Deck.

You may not know this, but Citrine is my favourite stone.

I have a citrine ball that sits on my desk and that I travel with. Pieces of Citrine can be found all around my home.

I have a huge citrine pendant and a couple of pendulums as well. You would be hard-pressed to find me without a piece of Citrine.

My new besom (witch’s broom) over my door features a large piece of Citrine.

So why do I love it so much? I find it very comforting, warm and inviting. I feel like it is the best stone for helping me to communicate and manifest. In Feng Shui, Citrine is used to welcome abundance and prosperity and adds some positivity to the mix. This is why it is hung over my door.

The vibrant yellow of the stone can represent a healthy mind, happiness and much success.

Natural Citrine is becoming rarer and rarer. Now you will find more heat-treated Amethyst. Even though both natural and heat-treated properties are the same, I would hold out for a natural stone.

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