Connecting with Your Psychic Vibration

August 21, 2017

May 2018

Join International Psychic Medium Betty Jane Ware for a week long intensive workshop in Glastonbury UK.

Each morning will start off with a meditation and a walk to one of Glastonbury’s amazing sites. Chalice Well, White Spring, The Tor and Glastonbury Abbey.

During this week long intensive you will learn to use a Crystal Ball, Connect with your Sprit Guides, Create a deeper understanding of Tarot and more. We will also walk a labyrinth to deepen our understanding of self.

We will stay in wonderful cottages nestled deep in the heart of Glastonbury. This beautiful setting is within walking distance of all the places we will be utilizing.

Also we will take an outing to see the World Heritage Site of Stonehenge and the village and lesser-known stone circle of Avebury.

All meals and accommodation will be provided.

Betty Jane will meet you in Central London and guide you to Glastonbury. Transfers from Central London to Glastonbury will be provided.

A payment scheme is offered.

Flights are not included.

Book your spot soon as there will be a limited number of spots.

Drop me an email at orgglwnarjner@zr.pbz for more information.

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