Deck Review – The Lenormand of Enchantment

May 21, 2023
Image of a quartz crystal.

The Lenormand of Enchantment by Yasmeen Westwood and Kalliope

As always I want to be transparent, this deck was created by friends of mine, Kali and Yasmeen. Please note I am not a “Lenny” card reader.

Thank you to Kali and Yasmeen for sending me this beautiful deck; I am mentioned in the book, so thanks to Kali for that as well.

This deck is visually stunning, as we have come to expect from Yasmeen. Redfeather has put together a great product and has done justice to the artwork.

Not being a “Lenny” reader, I was more interested in the book and how much information it had. It did not disappoint. You can tell how much knowledge Kali has and how much work she has put into this project. Well done!

Lenormand cards are supposed to be smaller than tarot cards; one of the reasons is that you use them all in a tableau. This is a specific system of reading and is not intuition based. I can understand that people want to see the beauty in the artwork magnified, but it would not work in the Lenormand system.

This is a beautiful deck that I highly recommend. In addition, the book that comes with it makes this deck a perfect combination for anyone interested in reading Lenormand.

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