Deck Review – Oracle of the Witch

April 6, 2023
Image of a quartz crystal.

The Oracle of the Witch deck is the latest offering from my friends Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters. I have every deck that they have produced.

Rockpool Publishing publishes this particular deck. I never have a problem recommending a Rockpool deck. That is one of the reasons I stock so many of them at shows.

The vibrant box design lets you know at first glance that this deck will deliver. When you open a good quality box, you know that the rest will not disappoint you, and Rockpool did not disappoint. First, there is an amazing book of words. The author obviously knows her stuff—so much information in such a small book. Then there are the cards themselves. Great quality card stock that has held up to hundreds of readings, being shuffled oh so many times and still looks like new.

Now for the cards. There is a reason why I carry so much of Barbaras and Flavia’s work. It’s not because of friendship. It is because as beautiful as the cards are, they are also honest. They don’t all have messages that are going to make you happy. But they are sincere and authentic; there can be a punch to the gut. Now that sounds like the deck is all doom and gloom, but it is not. There are messages of hope and love as well. Barbara and Flavia look at all the sides of life. It is in the voice of the reader to deliver the messages of the cards in a way that is genuine and compassionate. This deck affords you that opportunity.

One of the questions I am asked is, “do you have to be a witch to use the deck?” Absolutely not!! The book will answer all of the questions that you have. You can use a fair bit of intuition as well. It is a deck that lends itself to October but is suitable for the whole year. It is the deck I am currently using at the end of all of my readings, and it is March!!

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