Deck Review – The Naughty Oracle

June 16, 2023
Image of Oracle of the Witch Tarot Deck.

The Naughty Oracle by Rockpool.

First off, let me say that this deck will not be for everyone. There are some (a lot) four-letter words in it.

I love this deck. I took it to a group reading a few weeks back and gave it to them to play with while they were there. They loved it as well.

The deck is by Rockpool, and I do love Rockpool. As always, the cardstock, book, and box are awesome.

The cards themselves are vibrant and colourful. When pulling the cards, they almost slap you in the face with their bluntness. The messages always appear to be what I need to see that day.

This is a fabulous deck, and most people will love it. However, not for the faint-hearted. I know your teens will like it. I might not take it to tea with my grandmother, but I would absolutely use it for those clients who tell me to ‘not hold back.’

This deck is a welcome addition to any collection.

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