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March 20, 2023
Image of Oracle of the Witch Tarot Deck.

Sometimes I am given the privilege of reviewing tarot and oracle card decks. These are provided to me by the publisher, usually at the author’s discretion.

My process is to open the deck and work with it for a while before reviewing it. It can take months to properly get a feeling for how the deck will work. Though important, how it will work for my clients is more important.

About a year ago, Schiffer or Red Feather Publishing provided two decks to me. The artist of both of these decks is my friend Yasmeen Westwood.

I am a huge fan of her Tarot of Enchanted Dreams, so I looked forward to having her newest offerings in my hot little hands.

Tarot of the Enchanted Soul

In the Tarot of the Enchanted Soul, the first thing I appreciated about the deck was the quality and thought that went into the production process. The box is sturdy and will last. The book is phenomenal. It offers additional insight and depth to the Tarot cards themselves.

Now let’s talk about the cards. The artwork is visually stunning; they are large and oversized with beautifully gilded edges. The card stock is of good quality that will stand the test of time. Keywords are printed on the bottom border of each card to help you along your journey.

The only thing I found disjointed was the titles. They were in different places on the cards. This was distracting. But not enough to keep me from using the deck. As mentioned, how my clients react to the deck is most important to me. And my clients love this deck. They and I find it very direct and to the point.

The Tarot of the Enchanted Soul is a winner for me.

Hummingbird Wisdom

The next deck I received was the Hummingbird Wisdom.

Shiffer/Red Feather did an amazing job on the box and card stock.
The book is informative and offers advice on how to work with the cards.

I was a bit confused when I first looked at this deck. Was it an oracle or an affirmation? So a quick conversation with Yasmeen told me that it was both. I tend to use it more as an affirmation—a bit of positivity at the end of a reading to help my client move forward.

As with the Tarot of the Enchanted Soul, the titles were placed in different locations on the cards, which I am not a fan of. Additionally, I am old, and I find some of the affirmations a bit small for these old eyes.

The artwork is amazing. Who knew that there were so many varieties of hummingbirds??

My clients love this deck. It is often the first deck I sell at an event.

I recommend both of these decks to anyone with an interest in doing readings.

The Tarot of the Enchanted Soul would be an amazing first deck to get you on your way.

And The Hummingbird Wisdom is a wonderful way to end your reading on a positive note.

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