Interesting July

July 27, 2021

I noticed the other day that my newsletters were not being converted into blogs…Yes I know it took a bit.  I may have mentioned that I am a psychic and not a computer guru.  That’s why I hired the remarkable M-J at Three Loud Crows to help me out.  Not only is she a talented web designer but an amazing artist as well.  You should check out her website!!

July has been…unusual, to say the least.  I announced in-person clients again and booked several very quickly.  I went away for a few days to a friend’s house. PEOPLE… who were not my family!!  We had so much fun.  I even swam in the lake, something I have not done in several years.  

My eldest son came down for a couple of days to get his second Covid vaccine as there were no appointments to be had where he lived.  Once he got home he got the call that Rama, where he is a chef, was reopening.  I am very thankful that he is as protected as he can be when he goes back to work.

I am hoping to go to the UK in the autumn, it really depends on the rules over there with quarantine, so who knows at this point.

The end of the month brought the Olympics.  In my family, we are Olympic junkies.  On Friday I recorded the opening ceremonies and we barbecued steaks to sit down and watch as a family.  This has been our tradition since 1988.  

As I sit here on a dreary Tuesday and write this I have the Olympics on and am cheering on not only Team Canada but all the come from behind stories.  I loved the Woman’s triathlon and cheered on the athlete from Bermuda as she won her countries first-ever gold at the summer games.  

My website is in the process of being updated and soon all the online events will be there for all to take part in.  I have been doing so many of these during the past 18 months, I feel like they will be a part of the future for me.  I will be offering my tarot practice group again in September and running an online class once I have a better idea of where I will be in October.  

I am busy planning for 2022 eek!!  And a retreat is in the works in the Highlands of Scotland… More information on that to follow.  But it will be October of 2022!!  Small with only five students with shared accommodations.  

Stay safe!!

Betty Jane

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