Summertime News

July 4, 2016

You might be wondering “what happened to June”? Me too. The month went so fast.

I was travelling in June I was in London, England with hubby for a week. We had so much fun. We were in Hyde Park and a parade went by. I am assuming it was just for me, the reality is they were rehearsing for the Queens birthday celebration. Then I was speaking at the London Tarot Festival, a beautiful venue with lots of lovely people, it was so good to connect and work with friends. Kim Arnold always runs a world class event, it was truly an honour to work with her this time around.

After London I went for a week to Birchington on Sea, this small town is on the South East coast of the UK. My hostess and her hubby, Cathi and Peter Bew treated me like royalty. Kim and Cathi took me exploring. I discovered to pleasures of UK bingo,(what no letters, numbers only). Then one day off to the wonderful magical shell grotto. A truly special place. One day we were off to the delights of Canterbury, with its majestic cathedral, lunch on Martin and the luxuries of shopping at Primark!! I love Primark and Poundland!! Just saying. I had the best pizza in England one night, with wine!! Kim cooked a sumptuous feast, with wine!! Peter cooked so many amazing meals that I am surprised they did not charge me for two seats on the train. I have amazing people in my life and I am proud to call them friends.

Who know that I would have to travel 7 hours by plane and 4 hours by train to see my good friend Jane who only really lives 2.5 hours away from me. But she is off living in the Uk for a time being. So after Birchington I got on a train to Bury St. Edmunds.
There I caught up with Jane and Fish and Chips (her Jack Russell Terriers) It was interesting to go out for dinner to have fish n chips and then take home the leftovers to Fish and Chips. Which they did enjoy!! I met Jane’s Aunt Cath, who welcomed me to her home with balloons, black, purple and silver balloons to be exact. The next day there was a garden party with all kinds of people I was able to share my gifts of tarot, mediumship and psychic ability. I explored the market town of Bury and met a number of lovely people. I also got to see Fish and Chips perform at agility training, those dogs performed very well and never ever take their eyes off of Jane.

Off to London once again for a quick stop in with my friend Ricky and a Curry dinner. Then my flight home. All in all a wonderful trip just way way to short.


Capricorn~ Ace of Wands ~The Ace of Wands is the very beginning the first card of the Major Arcana. There is strength, power and eagerness. This card teaches humility. You have a great optimism, and energy, now is the time for your happiness. Your sexual energy is at its peak and there may well be the birth of a child. Your health is good and you are feeling energetic. You find courage in the simplest things in life. Your forcefulness and your enthusiasm is the start of something exciting. Your creative inspiration is a new start on a spiritual level. There is a promise of money and fortune through an inheritance. Your primal fire and energy sparks your creativity. There are new opportunities on the horizon; there will be good news and good fortune. Take the initiative you are feeling and put it into a new project with confidence, as this is the time for success.

Aquarius ~ Six of Wands ~The Six of Wands is a turning point, now is the time to plan your victory parade. You will be an inspiration to others. It would be good to remember that you are not at your destination, however your optimism and passion will get you there. You are working with excitement and harmony and confidence. This is a time when your success will be validated. You will receive messages in the aftermath of your triumph. When all has cleared you will be vindicated. Take time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. This is a good time to negotiate. And when the Six of Wands appear it is a good omen legally.

Pisces ~ The Wheel of Fortune ~The wheel of Fortune is a mystery of nature, the human ability to destroy. It indicates luck equals fate. This card is the halfway point of the major arcana.
The wheel of Fortune is a change in circumstance and a person life; it offers the opportunity to find meaning in a situation. It is often a stroke of luck or a turn for the better. The workings are a mystery but beneficial, current issues are at an end. There are small pieces of luck and good news on the horizon. However it is important to remember that what goes up must come down. This is a temporary phase of life. Right now we are riding high on fate, but not on initiative. This means it is time to be prudent and put things away for a rainy day. It indicates risk, fate and chance. Life offers ups and downs we have no control over these. The power of change is the movement of the universe cannot stop change. The only thing that is certain in life is change itself. We must accept the change around our own changes, and us but outsold by the place that we can centre and ground and regroup.
The card shows the spinning wheel of destiny and fate. We cannot stress enough that nothing is certain in life but change itself. And be sure to remember that what goes up will always come down.

Aries ~ ten of pentacles ~ The Ten of Pentacles means that we have taken our security and wealth for granted. Things have become boring and stifling. We may have lost or given up our communication with some or all of our family members. Things have become mundane and we are missing the magic in life and nature. The meaning is to be nice to all. You never know when you will turn away wealth, comfort and security.
We have made the choice of emotional and material security over risk. Family life will be rich and values and beliefs will be passed generation to generation. When the Ten of Pentacles appears in a reading it indicates that our relationship is permanent and supportive. Gambling and games of chance are a vice to contend with. We have achieved wealth, security and social standing. There is a chance of an inheritance. Our rich family life will be our legacy.

Taurus ~ six of Pentacles ~ When the Six of Pentacles appears in a reading you are dominating your relationship. You are giving but only because of superiority. There will be work and partnership changes. You are enjoying good health and social justice. Your spirituality is at a forefront. There is a sense of fair trade; you are experiencing kindness in business and trade. You are offering charity and giving and receiving gifts and favours. There may be a new partnership in the offing. You only give what you will not miss

Gemini ~ Three of Swords ~ When the Three of Swords appears in a reading you can look at your client with compassion. There is pain, loss and heartbreak indicated in this card. The heartache and overwhelming grief can cause panic attacks. There may be divorce, separation, infidelity or a miscarriage or stillbirth. There may be a history of heart disease. Lets hope that in accepting our sorrow we can move beyond the pain. This is a time to understand the quality of your own mind. Be aware of thoughts that could lead to depression. There will be some discord with in your circle.

Cancer ~ Two of Wands ~ Well success at last, you are holding the world in your hands. But look you stand-alone; you are walled off from others. Your world has shrunk by choice. Although you are quite the visionary, you need to seek some wisdom. You have influence, authority and control, but over what? Do not let you ambition dominate. You have strength in you courage and pride. This is the time for a great partnership, which will assure prosperity and success. You have come to realize your great potential.

Leo ~ The Empress~ The Empress represents the archetypal mother. She nurtures and protects all of her creation. Obviously she represents motherhood and the feminine side of power, she is the goddess in the mother aspect. The mother represents balance between active mind and wisdom, she is rule and authority and woman’s influence. The Empress is faithful and takes action and initiative. She is beautiful inside and out, she takes pleasure in the successes of others, she has the joy of life and is a muse. She takes action impulsively, and is completely faithful; she is the woman as ruler.

Virgo ~Nine of Swords ~ When the Nine of Swords appears in a reading it is a time of deep sorrow and pain. The agony and anxiety are leaving us feeling helpless as this is not happening to us but to someone that we love. They have become a victim of spirit. We will have sleepless nights and feel undermined we may even feel guilty and punish ourselves. This is a wakeup call; one must accept things in order to progress to hope. This will help us to make sense of things. The nightmares and suspicions will continue to wake you up in the night. All of those suspicions are well founded. The Nine of Swords indicates female health problems. There will be some shocking news that you fear and dread. The long-standing pain will culminate in grief and dread. Do not feel shamed or guilty, you have become a victim of mental cruelty.

Libra ~ Ace of Swords ~ The Aces are break through. This is a card where you are discovering your true intellect and perceptions. The Ace of Swords is very much a card of extremes, love, hate, and anger. With all Aces this is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. The dramatic changes are unstoppable. There is a gift of higher learning and logic. All leads go back to spirit. There is a chance that something may have to be sacrificed to get what you truly desire. When the Ace of Swords appears in a reading there is a link with death. Spiritual or otherwise. The Ace of Swords can also indicate a broken engagement or heartbreak. The extremes with this card can bring great misery or great prosperity. You may be called upon to act with justice. There is the singleness of purpose that can occur with spiritual truth. This is a card of decisiveness and knowledge, the intellect that comes through triumph. There is repressed anger and discrimination. Take this opportunity for a fresh start.

Scorpio ~ Seven of Cups ~ Emotion and imagination produce wonderful visions however without reality there is no value. These have become fantasy. This is a time of great emotion and powerful love. The Seven of Cups indicates being in love with being in love. This is a time of wonder, amazement and desire and endless possibility. At this time there could be confusion over the wide variety of choices. In the memories and dreams, which come with the appearance of this card, comes some wonder and amazement. There will be temptations and vices, fantasy and virtue. Now is the time that the illusions and visions can take you to the fantasy world. But this should be a time for reflection and meditation. Trust your instincts, amazing opportunities abound.

Sagittarius ~ The Emperor ~ The Emperor is a man who takes action and responsibility. Card number four is manifestation and stability in the physical world. The Emperor is an Explorer a King and a Father. He has the world at his fingertips. The ruler of all, the Emperor brings order to all. He is the creation of order and rules out of creative force and raw materials. He gains his insight not from the physical world but the spiritual world. He brings results. The Emperor brings creation to life; he is the giver and maker of rules and the holder of responsibility. He is positive and can be aggressive. He can represent the father and be authoritative and responsible. He is fair, compassionate and clear headed. The Emperor creates order out of chaos. He is headstrong and career minded, he dislikes his carefully laid plans being thwarted. So do not stand in his way.

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