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September 25, 2016
Image of a quartz crystal.

This weeks Guest Cathi Bew
I am pleased to have Psychic ~ Tarot Master Cathi Bew on my show this week. I met Cathi a couple of years ago at the UK tarot Conference in London (we now sit at the naughty table). She has graciously agreed to take questions so please follow the link to get some guidance on Monday at 2:00 pm EST

Please tune in!!

What else is going on…well it is a busy time. I am off to the UK next Monday so I will be broadcasting from there. I plan a trip to Glastonbury and some much needed time connecting at Glastonbury Abbey. Some time with good friends and then off to Bury St Edmunds for a very short visit with a good friend from Canada who is living there for the time being.

Then back to London for the UK Tarot conference

Yes, I am dong a wee workshop on reading tea leaves over there.

Then some time with my good friend Ricky and home. It really is a whirl wind tour.

After I am home I go to Kingston for a psychic fare and then the big one in Mississauga and then a new one in Orangeville.
I will send the details on those next time.

Here is an Astral Travelling tea recipe that I have been asked for

Astral Vision Tea
Woodruff, 2 part
Damiana, 2 part
Rosemary, 2 part
St. John’s Wort, 1 part
Fennel, 1 part
Violet Leaves, 1 part
Star Anise, 1 part
Cinnamon, 1 part
Sage 1 part

Betty Jane

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