Windsor Show

February 11, 2022
Image of a quartz crystal.

If it’s Friday, it must be Windsor. I love every event I do, but for very different reasons.

I dislike driving, so the 4.5 hour drive each way to Windsor is a bit much for me. And February driving is all kinds of special. But Windsor is always a fabulous event. The venue is gorgeous, the people are so amazing, and the pizza…well, we wait all year for the pizza.

There are not many venues with food, let alone good, affordable food. But the Giovanni Caboto Club has all that. It is simply amazing — beautiful and welcoming. The staff are fabulous, constantly working to make us feel welcome. The first time I came here, someone said, ” Do you want some dinner? I will pick it up for you.”

The Friday night chicken meal is huge. I could eat it for a week, except, well, the pizza. So yummy, crispy and cheesy, and well, now I want pizza…So Saturday night becomes pizza night and sometimes Sunday night as well. Hubby did not believe me, now he has become a convert. So if you are in Windsor, stop by the Giovanni Caboto Club and grab some pizza. I guarantee it will be worth it….

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