Moon Manifesting

Learn how to visualize and manifest your dreams!

A class designed to help you visualize and make things happen.

Feeling lost or stuck, or don’t know what you want or how to make it happen. Using our most powerful tool, our mind, we will work with the phases of the moon to create, feel and take action! Having the dream is wonderful, but not enough. You have to have the plan to complete the process. This is what we will work on in this workshop.

New Moon
We will work with the energy of this New Moon and let it guide us to what we want to begin. New Moon is New beginnings.

Waxing Moon
Here we will use this energy to guide us to set a plan into place.

Full Moon
This is the power stage, our plans take action.

Waning Moon
What needs to be tweaked? What needs to be let go of? This is the completion of the cycle, and the start of the next chapter.

We will have a meditation to help clearly define wants and needs. We will learn about a crystal and it association to the moon. We will set intentions and work towards each individual goal.

Moon Manifesting is held at my home in Innisfil. We are limited to nine people. Lunch and tools are included. Yes, this means that you will be taking home a goodie bag of Moon Manifesting Magic.