Raise Your Psychic Vibration

In two jam-packed days, you will work with various tools to help you raise your psychic awareness. If you are starting on your spiritual journey, this course is a great way to connect with your psychic awareness. But even experienced practitioners will benefit from this fine-tuning and “reboot.”

Day one will prepare you while laying the groundwork for more in-depth work. Betty Jane will start the workshop with a meditation designed to help you connect with your spirit guides or angels. From here, you will move on to working with a pendulum, tarot cards, and scrying, making for a full day of exciting development.

Day two will develop what has already been built. This will involve some automatic writing and a bit of psychic artwork as well as working with oracle cards, tea leaf reading, and communication with our guides on a more intimate level.

Come with your own tools and a notebook. Betty Jane will have a limited amount of tools available for sharing. And some tools available for purchase.